Emmanuelle Comets
  Emmanuelle Comets Position Researcher (CR1 INSERM)  
  Contact emmanuelle.comets@inserm.fr  
    INSERM UMR 738 - Institut Claude Bernard
University Paris Diderot - Site Bichat
16, rue Henri Huchard
75018 Paris
  Reasearch interests
Nonlinear mixed effect models, with an emphasis on:
- Pharmacogenetics
- Model evaluation
- Design optimisation
- Parameter estimation
  Selected publications Some alternatives to asymptotic tests for the analysis of pharmacogenetic data using nonlinear mixed effects models.
Bertrand J, Comets E, Chenel M, Mentré F.
Biometrics 2012, 68, 146-55. Link to paper

Evaluation of different tests based on observations for external model evaluation of population analyses.
Brendel K, Comets E, Laffont C, Mentré F.
Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics 2010, 37, 49-65. Link to paper

Pharmacogenetics and population pharmacokinetics: impact of the design on three tests using the SAEM algorithm.
Bertrand J, Comets E, Laffont C, Chenel M, Mentré F.
Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics 2009, 36, 317-39. Link to abstract

A survey of the way pharmacokinetics are reported in published phase I clinical trials, with an emphasis on oncology.
Comets E, Zohar S.
Clinical Pharmacokinetics 2009, 48, 387-95.Link to paper

Design optimisation in nonlinear mixed effects models using cost functions: application to a joint model of infliximab and methotrexate pharmacokinetics.
Retout S, Comets E, Bazzoli C, Mentré F.
Communications in Statistics –Theory and Methods, 2009, 38, 1-18. Link to paper

Comparison of model-based tests and selection strategies to detect genetic polymorphisms influencing pharmacokinetic parameters.
Bertrand J, Comets E, Mentré F.
Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics , 2008, 18, 1084-1102. Link to paper

Computing normalised prediction distribution errors to evaluate nonlinear mixed-effect models: the npde add-on package for R.
Comets E, Brendel K, Mentré F.
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 2008, 90, 154-166. Link to publication

Metrics for external model evaluation with an application to the population pharmacokinetics of gliclazide.
Brendel K, Comets E, Laffont C, Laveille C, Mentré F.
Pharmaceutical Research, 2006, 23, 2036-2049. Link to publication

  Collaborations - Karl Brendel, Marylore Chenel, I.R.I.S. Servier
- William Couët, INSERM ERI 23 Pharmacologie des anti-infectieux , Poitiers
- Sandrine Delpierre, Service de gériatrie, Hôpital Beaujon - Céline Verstuyft, INSERM EA 2706 Barrière et passage des médicaments , Bicêtre
- Sarah Zohar, Université Paris-Diderot
  Courses R introductory course and reference guide (under Teaching tab)  
  Software Model evaluation using npde : npde package for the R software

Implentation of the SAEM algorithm in a library for R : saemix package for the R software

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