Jeremie Guedj
  Jeremie Guedj Position Researcher INSERM  
    UMR 738 - Institut Claude Bernard
University Paris Diderot - Site Bichat
16, rue Henri Huchard
75018 Paris
  Reasearch interests

- parameter estimation in non-linear mixed-effect models
- design evaluation and optimisation
- joint modeling of biomarkers and clinical event

Biomathematical modeling:

- viral kinetic modeling in Hepatitis B, C, Delta & HIV
- mechanism of action, evaluation of antiviral effectiveness and treatment optimization of direct antiviral agents against hepatitis C virus
  Selected publications >Modeling shows that the NS5A inhibitor daclatasvir has two modes of action and yields a new estimate of the hepatitis C virus half-life.
Guedj J, Dahari H, Rong L, Sansone N, Nettles RE, Cotler SJ, Layden TJ, Uprichard SL, Perelson AS.
PNAS. 2013;110(10):3991-96.
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>Hepatitis C viral kinetics with the nucleoside polymerase inhibitor mericitabine (RG7128).
Guedj J, Dahari H, Shudo E, Smith PS,Perelson AS.
Hepatology. 2012;55(4):1050-57.
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>Second-phase hepatitis C virus RNA decline during telaprevir-based therapy increases with drug effectiveness: implications for treatment duration.
Guedj J, Perelson AS.
Hepatology. 2011;53(6):1801-08.
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>A perspective on modeling hepatitis C virus infection.
Guedj J, Rong L, Dahari H,Perelson AS.
Journal of Viral Hepatitis. 2010;17(12):825-33.
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>Understanding hepatitis C viral dynamics with direct-acting antiviral agents due to the interplay between intracellular replication and cellular infection dynamics.
Guedj J, Neumann AU.
Journal of Theoretical Biology. 2010;267(3):330-340.
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>Joint modeling of the clinical progression and of the biomarkers dynamics using a mechanistic model.
Guedj J, Thiebaut R, Commenges D.
Biometrics. 2010;67(1):59-66.
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>Maximum likelihood estimation in dynamical models of HIV.
Guedj J, Thiebaut R, Commenges D.
Biometrics. 2007;63(4):1198-206.
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  Collaborations - Alan Perelson, Los Alamos National Laboratory
- Harel Dahari, University of Illinois at Chicago
- Libin Rong, Oakland University
- Daniel Commenges, INSERM U897
- Patrick Marcellin, INSERM UMR-S 773

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